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Bespoke Design

Make your tea or coffee cup sleeve, handcrafted leather journal or any of our other handmade leather gifts completely personal with a bespoke design.


All of our products can be personalised. From simply adding initials to creating a unique design. Find out more about our range:

If you don’t see something you like but have an idea for a different item then get in touch. I am very happy to work with you to develop a one-off piece. In the past, for example, I have crafted a set of leather napkin rings for a new home and a bespoke vambrace for a keen archer.


Contact me to discuss your requirements by filling in the form below and let’s start a conversation. There’s no charge until we have agreed to a design. 

The Commissioning process:

1. Complete the form at the bottom of the page

Put the item you wish to have customised, and your rough idea. Keep it simple.

2. Tim sends the initial briefing sheet

Having got your contact details, Tim will send the briefing sheet, this double checks that he got the details correct, whether you would like extra features, delivery address and your chance to include images and your own sketches of what your vision looks like.

3. Tim sends a sketches proposal and / mood board & initial quote

Tim will come up with some sketches and a mood board from the brief, and email a PDF document with the designs that are hopefully close to your vision.

4. We have an in-person / video chat

This is an opportunity for the client to say what they like and don't like, and discuss any other ideas that they might have.

5. Review & final quote

Any final changes are made, this is normally done on a video call and confirmed changes are sent via email. I prefer to do this is in writing so it is clear.

6. Accept 50%

I take 50% of the final quote to cover materials, dyes etc this will be invoiced and work will start when I have received it.

7. Final invoice & P&P is sent when the item is finished

8. Client pays, upon receiving the payment Tim delivers the item.

For 2024. The deadline to submit a request for a commission is the 31st October 2024 to get it done for Christmas. This is because the average commission takes 6 weeks to complete in order to capture the clients vision whilst maintaining a market stall presence in the run up to Christmas. I will reopen taking in new commissions on 9th January 2025.

Tell Us About Your Idea

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you in 48hrs.

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