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Custom CORK Fabric Bags

T Cole Crafts is mainly known for our leather hand-tooled goods – coffee sleeves, card holders, key rings, luggage tags etc – but we also have a range of goods made out of cork fabric, the perfect gift for a vegan friend or if you are looking for something a little different.

Cork fabric is a remarkable material. It is a 100% natural plant-based product, produced from the bark of the cork oak tree in Portugal. It is 100% sustainable. A layer of bark is stripped from the tree and then finished with a backing material composed of a mix of cotton, recycled polyester and poly urethane . The bark grows back ready to be harvested again in seven years.

It is a great alternative to leather, being lightweight, waterproof, stain resistant and durable. It is also anti-fungal and very easy to care for; it just needs to be wiped clean and allowed to dry naturally.

So far, we have produced a range of card holders,  purses and keyholders and we are currently working on cork coffee sleeves to complement our leather range.

handmade cork wallets

We’re very proud of our commitment to sustainability, and it’s not just about our cork fabric products. All of the leather we use is English, vegetable-tanned leather which has been obtained as a by-product of the meat, milk and wool industries and has come from farm-assured cattle.

Shop our cork fabric items here.

bespoke cork leather wallet
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