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Custom Jewellery
upcycling leather and cork waste into beautiful unique Gifts

Any business generates waste it's just part of being alive on the planet. At T Cole Crafts we view waste as treasure that has lost its gleam and just needs polishing to reveal its true beauty, no piece of leather or cork is too small to be remade into a piece of jewellery. Blending modern technology with traditional tools means that there is no design that is too intricate to make. The limits are the customer's imagination, and any waste through the process is upcycled again into a new piece of jewellery for another customer.

handmade cork wallets

In order to limit the amount of waste created through the design process, card templates are created of the intended design and are sent out to the customer by post with the fixings intended to be used. This way as a customer you get to see and wear the jewellery in the mirror to see if the shape works with their body. Having been a designer in multiple fields designing on the computer has its limitations as you can not appreciate the scale of the product. By sending out card prototypes as a customer you can pencil in any changes and send the templates back in the prepaid 1st class envelope, these can be used to modify the original design to your exact requirements. At the end of the template's life it can then be easily recycled.

bespoke cork leather wallet
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