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handmade leather journal

There is nothing more luxurious or more personal than a handmade journal cover. The thoughts and memories contained in the journal can be reflected in the cover, creating a truly individual item.

   I love to work on journal covers. The additional space allows for more creative freedom and lots of opportunity for intricate tooling. I enjoy the process of arriving at a final design, getting to know the recipient, incorporating all the different design elements, finding a layout that brings all the elements together.

Bespoke leather journal covers can have designs tooled on the front and/or back as well as the inside flap. The design can have a single theme or be an interleaving of many elements. A recent commission required the inclusion of the following ideas: Counter strike (the PC game), New Zealand, the beach and a tower that the recipient had abseiled down. Whilst this journal cover focusses on a ballet theme.

You can choose the size, anything from A6 to A4, or a custom size if you already have a book or pad that needs to fit inside.

You can choose the colour of the finish and whether you want the design to be painted or left natural.

Each journal comes complete with a pad of paper and is delivered in a handmade black linen bag.

bespoke leather journal
handmade leather journal cover

As with all our products you can commission a unique design or choose one of our limited edition designs.

You can choose the style of strap to close the journal, or not have a strap at all.

hand made leather journal cover

Journals are made from premium English Vegetable Tanned leather. Tanning using bark and plants gives the leather the unique qualities required for tooling and also means that the leather is completely bio-degradable and non-harmful to the skin. Designs are hand-tooled using a process of carving and stamping the leather, giving it a unique texture and feel. The leather is hand dyed, assembled and hand stitched with artificial sinew using the saddle stitch method, then finished to create a robust, hard-wearing companion.

leather journal made by hand

Prices for bespoke journal covers start at £175 for an A6 journal.

To commission a journal, complete the enquiry form here. Or shop here for existing designs.

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