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Our coffee sleeve capabilities had evolved hugely since the business started in 2019 and even further when the first sleeve was made in 2017. It is now possible to blend traditional leather carving techniques with modern printing and lasering methods, as a customer you get to have a choice what that blend is. A fully traditional coffee for example using water-based dyes, leather figure carving has the most negligible environmental impact as leather carving only requires three things: Light, water and my hand tools and can be made anywhere where I have access to those ingredients. Our latest offering is printing directly onto the leather this opens up the realm of adding photographs, complicated multicolour logos, and much more. These sleeves can also be hand carved to give become even more 3D and one-of-a-kind.


Keep your hands protected from hot coffee or tea with one of our leather coffee or tea sleeves. Ditch the wasteful cardboard or plastic sleeves and replace them with this handy accessory. It will fit easily into your pocket or handbag and can be used again and again.

Each sleeve is unique. Whether you choose one of our existing designs or commission your own, each one is hand tooled to order, then hand dyed and painted using water-based products. Finally, the sleeve is treated to make it water (and beverage) resistant.


The sleeves come in two sizes – standard to fit a cappuccino or latte takeaway cup and small, just the right size for an espresso.

Two sizes of leather Coffee cup sleeves

They make perfect gifts – useful but also beautiful and full of personality. Why not commission a bespoke sleeve? We’ll create a design that reflects the interests or hobbies of the recipient. Perhaps their favourite sport, a beloved pet, an inspiring quote or even just their initials.

Designs can feature an image, or text or both.

  •                The design can be positioned on the front or can cover the entire sleeve.

  •                You can choose the colours.

  •                You can choose the size.

You can decide the colour of the snap fastening:  brass plate/ black plate / nickel plate

bespoke handmade coffee cup sleeve
A natural leather coffee sleeve with a lasered geometric black pattern cubic pattern, in the shape of a K. The edges of the K has been embossed. The sleeve is around a bamboo cup

It's possible to combine lasering and traditional carving to create an impactful design.

We can also adapt one of our existing designs by adding text or changing the colours, to a favourite football team perhaps.

Our sleeves are made from premium English Vegetable Tanned leather. Tanning using bark and plants gives the leather the unique qualities required for tooling and also means that the leather is completely bio-degradable and non-harmful to the skin.

Browse our existing designs or find out more about how to commission your bespoke sleeve.

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